PC and other electronic consumer goods demand for microcontroller Q4 is expected to decline sharply, but the demand for automobiles is stable

  • Source:Network finishing
  • Release on:2022-11-09

On November 7th, according to foreign media reports, under the influence of the global economic decline, the demand for electronic consumer goods declined, affecting the needs of many key components, leading to the decline in performance of relevant manufacturers, and significantly affected storage chip manufacturers. Essence

The demand for consumer electronics has declined, which affects obviously in addition to storage chips, as well as micro controllers (MCUs). The latest report shows that the demand for microcontrollers in PC and other electronic consumer products is expected to decline significantly in the third quarter in the fourth quarter.

The same as the demand in the market segments of the storage chip market will not decline, and microcontrollers will also have stable demand in some fields.

Relevant media said in the report that the 32 -bit micro -controllers required for automotive and industrial control applications will maintain a stable demand.

Auto and industrial control applications have a stable demand for micro -controllers, which means that when electronic consumer goods demand for micro -controllers, there are also stable orders for automotive and industrial control applications. Related manufacturers can also maintain certain Performance.

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