Non-volatile OxRAM on multi-project wafers


“Leti’s integrated silicon memory platform is developed for backend memories and non-volatility associated with embedded designs,” said the lab. “The technology platform will be based on titanium-doped hafnium oxide [HfO2/Ti] active layers.”

The OxRAM is part fo Leti’s Memory Advanced Demonstrator (MAD) future mask set, available on its 200mm CMOS line, with MPWs providing a low-cost way to try the technology.

According to Leti, potential applications for embedded OxRAM include micro-controllers and secure products, as well as for AI accelerators and neuromorphic computing.

Platform’s highlights:

  • 200mm STMicroelectronics HCMOS9A base wafers in 130nm node
  • All routing is made on ST base wafers from M1 to M4 (included)
  • Leti’s OxRAM memory module is fabricated on top
  • One level of interconnect (M5) plus pads are fabricated in Leti’s cleanroom

The technology offer comes with a design kit, including layout, verification and simulation capabilities. Libraries are provided with a list of active and passive electro-optical components. The design kit environment is compatible with all offers through CMP.

“CMP has a long experience providing smaller organisations with access to advanced manufacturing technologies, and there is very strong interest in the CMP community in designing and prototyping ICs using this process,” said CMP director Jean-Christophe Crébier.  “It is an opportunity for many universities, start-ups and SMEs in France, Europe, North America and Asia to take advantage of this new technology MPW service.”