Mitsubishi Electric will smash about 5.1 billion yuan to build a new plant!Increasing SIC Power Semiconductor

Due to the vigorous demand from electric vehicles (EV), Mitsubishi Electric will smash 100 billion yen and build new plants, add silicon carbide (SIC) power semiconductors, and multiply the equipment investment plan for power semiconductors.


Mitsubishi Electric announced on March 14 that it will increase the production of SIC power semiconductors. The main due to EV demand is strong, driving market estimates that it will grow rapidly.Mitsubishi Electric will invest in about 100 billion yen to build a new plant in the existing factory area in Juchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. The new plant will introduce the 8 -inch SIC wafer production line.The 6 -inch wafer capacity of the factory located in Hezhi City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

Japanese media pointed out that with the above -mentioned increase in production, in 2026, the production capacity of Mitsubishi Motor SIC wafers will expand to about 5 times the level of 2022.

Mitsubishi Electric pointed out that during the 5-year investment calculation of the above investment, the company's total investment plan for the power semiconductor business will reach 260 billion yen, and the investment scale will increase by double the original plan value (130 billion yen).

The semiconductor manufacturing project can be roughly divided into the "front process" that forms a circuit on the silicon wafer and the "back -stage process" that assembled, closed and testing.stronghold.In the "post -process process", Mitsubishi Motor plans to invest about 10 billion yen to build a new plant in the "Power Device Manufacturer (located in Fukuoka)".

Japanese media reported that in 2021, the global market share of Mitsubishi Motor SIC Power Semiconductor ranked 6th in 2021, in the Japanese factory, second only to ROHM, which ranked fourth.Fuji Electric and Toshiba also ranked among the top 10 in the world, and the leading factory is Switzerland StMicroelectronics.

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