Micron is expected to reduce memory chip supply in 2023

  • Source:Network finishing
  • Release on:2022-11-21

On November 16th, Micron Technology said on Wednesday that it will reduce the supply of memory chip and reduce the capital expenditure plan because the semiconductor company is trying to clean up excess inventory caused by downturn.

The company's stocks fell nearly 4%in early trading.

Micron was the first major chip manufacturer to alert the demand for personal computers and smartphones due to the high inflation rate earlier this year.

"In order to greatly improve the total inventory ... DRAM BIT's supply will need to be reduced, and the growth of NAND BIT's supply will be greatly lower than the previous estimates," the company said.

It is learned that compared with the fourth quarter of September 1st, Micron is decreased to reduce the operating rate of DRAM and NAND wafers -or the initial process in semiconductor production -about 20%.

For 2023, Micron's expected Dram Bit supply will have a negative growth year -on -year, and the year -on -year increase of NAND BIT supply will have a ratio of percentage.

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